Fill voids, eliminate trip hazards and save money.


Free Survey

When surveying a property we look for Trip Hazards, Proper water drainage to include drain issues, Curb and Gutter issues and Cracks.
Cracks are usually an indication of an inherent problem and we have the system to Test and identify those issues. In most cases we can take corrective action before a major expense occurs. 

Fast Turnaround

Downtime in a Commercial facility is lost money. Our system allows us to work in an area while work goes on across the building or across the room. Even larger parojects take just a couple of days and we work around the traffic.

No Downtime

Our process requires no downtime. Once the pads are level or the voids filled, in just an hour or so after the patches are dry normal warehouse traffic can resume.

Eliminate Trip Hazards

Uneven surfaces in warehouses not only cause trip hazards they cause forklifts to shift and lose their loads. 
We come in and not only fix the uneven areas, we test for voids which are future problems waiting to happen.
We find the problems and fix them.

Trip Hazards and Bad Drainage are the two issues that severly impact any business.

Proper Drainage is critical.

There are many reasons a pad will eventually slope and it's seldom the fault of the builder.
The key is to identify the issue before it becomes a major problem because Water is a Powerful Force.

Trip Hazards get expensive Quickily.

We have an entire section on Trip Hazards and why you should NEVER Grind down a good section trying to fix a Bad one. (See the menu above.)
Grinding virtually NEVER fixes the problem, it's a quick band-aid and the problems Always return.

Voids left uncorrected eventually expand.

Most companies don't have the ability to identify voids leaving the owners at the mercy of sinking concrete and being Reactive.
Get Proactive, correct issues before they become major problems like the one above.

A Few Commercial Projects

UofU Olympic Village, Utah State, Several Cities and others.